To help provide the best and most secure online shopping experience, My Matcha Tea offers a range of different payment options to our customers.

Pay your way

PayPal - Providing secure checkout services PayPal is one of the worlds safest online payment facilities currently available and allows our customers to purchase products online using direct debit, visa, credit cards & e-check without providing their person financial information.  

Visa Debit/Credit - Using our SSL secure and PCI compliant checkout system our customers can pay for orders by simply entering credit/debit card details during the checkout process. Our entire checkout is hosted on a certified secure, double layer encrypted card terminal providing the latest in online security.

Apple Pay - Customers shopping with IOS can pay using Apple Pay authorisation allowing for fast & secure payment for goods.

Bitcoin - An up & coming currency, Bitcoin is a P2P controlled currency allowing customers to buy online in a private & secure environment. Bitcoin allows transfers of money without the restrictions, or fees of regular currency. We accept Bitcoin as a certified secure payment option.